Diesel Hits the Black Market


Would Diesel be as fun if it weren’t so borderline illegal? I mean, the ads alone advocate all sorts of unorthodox activity, like protesting and violently protecting the earth. And if you think about it, why shouldn’t they be so bold? Their motto is, after all, “Only the Brave.” So here’s one more chance for you to participate in the arcane while actually saving a few bucks and, of course, getting all Dieselized.

This upcoming weekend is Diesel’s Black Friday shopping event, and they’re giving you money to spend ... well, almost. The gist is this special currency—illegal black bank notes—available only from Diesel’s guerrilla marketers and backwards bankers, positioned all over the world (literally) giving out wads of the stuff. Each one will save you 30% on everything in the store. Yeah, that’s right: a DIS-COUNT at Diesel.  But don’t worry if you can’t find any, as forgers will be on-hand at the stores to ensure each and every shopper gets one. And prepare to make a day of it; they’re having a party just for the occasion at every store, complete with tunes specially wrought from the Diesel music vault. Most likely tracks you can really dance (and spend) to.

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