“Crazy Heart” Earns Bridges First Golden Globe

Jeff Bridges picked up a well deserved Best Actor for his turn in "Crazy Heart," the film's second prize of the night.

In a film that could have been a painfully cliched yawner about yet another washed up drunk looking for redemption in the form of a younger woman, Bridges went for broke. He got fat, undid his belt buckle -- literally -- and went all-in, creating a totally believable character.

George Clooney had been praised up and down for paying the most challenging role of his career, but really he was playing a new flavor of George Clooney. His roles in "Micheal Clayton" and "Syrianna" were both further from the (admittedly likable) Clooney we all know.

Colin Firth's work in "A Single Man" was brilliant, but it was such a small movie and such a subtle part -- there was no moment that grabbed you, rather it snuck up on you.

All that said, it's shocking that Jeremy Renner's work in "The hUrt Locker" was totally overlooked.

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