“Charlie's Angels” Star Ramon Rodriguez Makes Bosley Hot Too

Sure, ABC’s new “Charlie’s Angels” series will offers plenty of eye-candy for the male audience, but the new Bosley will look just as heavenly for the ladies.

Ramon Rodriguez (“Battle: Los Angeles”) tells PopcornBiz that executive producer Drew Barrymore – who previously rebooted the classic Aaron Spelling series for two girl-powered high-octane actions films – recruited him to play the ladies' handler, John Bosely, in a way that dramatically departs from the fatherly bumbler played by David Doyle on TV, and Bill Murray and Bernie Mac on the big screen.

“I wasn't very excited, honestly, when they came to me,” admits Rodriguez, despite being tapped to star alongside beauties Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh. “But I had a great conversation with Drew on the phone. She called me up and said ‘We want Bosley to be the fourth Angel, we want him to be completely involved. What we love about you is that you can be dramatic, you can be funny, we kind of want to intertwine those two things.’ And then I had my own take of what I'd like to do, and they are and have been really open about my creative impulse.”

“They are allowing me to really create this character, which to me couldn't be more exciting,” says Rodriguez. “To really be able to get my hands on it and turn on that creative button in my head, that's exciting for me. I'm in the process of it now. I just had my wardrobe fitting and let them know what I'm leaning towards. I'm still kind of figuring it out though.

“I like the challenge of stepping into new shoes and trying to figure it out,” he adds. “With Bosley, I know that in the past he's kind of been comical and this and that. I'm going to thread in some heart and some seriousness as well, in addition to some of the light moments. I think just by the casting that it shows that they're going in a different direction with Bosley.”

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