Teen Escapes Serious Injury; Car Crashes Into Home

Fort Worth firefighters say a 17-year-old driver is lucky she escaped serious injury or worse when her car crashed through two fences and hit a home in Northwest Fort Worth Saturday.

It happened just before 3 p.m. in the 5500 block of Penwell Drive.

The Fort Worth Fire Department said as the teen's car hit the home, a piece of 2x4 lumber went through the windshield and hit the top half of the steering wheel, stopping it from hitting the girl.

The teen's father told NBC 5 his daughter fell asleep behind the wheel. The girl's parents took her to a local hospital for evaluation. The teenager was not injured but was shaken up.

"I just heard a loud noise and I came out, you know I thought it was happening to our garage, I came out and I run over there and I can hear her crying an everything. And I run to her, and I'm like 'are you OK?' and she's like 'yeah I'm OK' and she was just crying and she was terrified," said neighbor Cherika Robinson.

The homeowner arrived at home shortly after the crash and told NBC 5 the girl apologized to her and everyone whose property was damaged.

Rescue crews waited for a wrecker to pull the car from the home so that they can determine how much damage was done and check the structural integrity of the home before boarding it up.

No one was home at the time of the accident, there were no other injuries.

Fort Worth police are investigating the incident.

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