“Breaking Dawn” Officially Broke In Two

To the complete surprise of absolutely no one, the final "Twilight" installment "Breaking Dawn" will now be two movies.

Summit Entertainment made the decision final with a simple press release sent out late Thursday.

The release noted that the first installment will be out November 18, 2011. But it did not specify the name or release date of the follow-up film. So hold off on printing those T-shirts.

Key members of the cast who held out to sign on for the final movie for more money  (hey, vampires need nice clothes too!), were duly noted as if they were always part of the family. And Bill Condon will direct both films.

Condon told PopcornBiz last month he was ready to go in whichever direction Summit wanted -- one film or two. He just wanted to get to work in Stephenie Meyer's opus.

"I'm just so turned on by this book," Con don said. "It's everything you hope could happen in a book, plus the strangest things you could ever imagine."

So much happens, that most everyone naturally assumed it would be two movies. More for the fans who don't want the series to end. And, importantly, a sure-thing double-killing at the box office as the series climaxes and Bella gives birth (explicitly) to her adorable vampire baby.

In fact, it was really hard to figure a reason why it wouldn't be two movies. Now it's official. Meanwhile, the next installment opens "Eclipse" opens on June 25.

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