Happy #BeyDay! Beyoncé Turns 38

As the years go by she's only getting one step closer to world domination

There's nobody like Bey!

Queen Beyoncé has had us "Crazy In Love" with her music since the early 2000s. And if you're going to wish anyone a happy birthday today, it better be Queen Bey!

The global sensation turns 38 and as the years go by, she's only getting one step closer to world domination. From her first hit solo song "Crazy in Love" to her massive stadium performances, Beyoncé has wowed us and touched our hearts.

The singer, actress and businesswoman has earned 66 Grammy nominations throughout her career and has empowered women to thrive, not survive, in a man's world.

Beyoncé speaks to women through her performances, reminding them to be unapologetically confident. Like a true queen, she never holds back while she's performing on stage. And glimpses of politics, feminism and criminal injustice can be seen in her dance moves and songs.

All of Beyoncé's Global Citizen Festival Looks

In honor of Bey Day, click here for a look at our gallery to see the most iconic performances throughout her career.

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