New York's Pregnant Giraffe April Captured on Camera in the Final Throes of Pregnancy

NBC New York was granted a visit with the most famous pregnant giraffe in the world: April of Harpursville's Animal Adventure Park. Check out our photo gallery to see April and her younger beau Oliver working the camera.

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Peekaboo. April pops her head over the pen to say hello.
April, 15, is seen on the right with her much younger lover, Oliver, 5, in the left pen. Have they had a fight?
EMPTY_CAPTION"Hello, April? It's me, Oliver. Why the long face?"
EMPTY_CAPTION"Go away, Oliver. You're stretching my patience." It's not his fault, he just doesn't understand what it's like to carry a 200-pound baby.
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The long-necked beauty is seen in her pen on Friday. April changed some of her behaviors overnight Thursday, her keepers said.
She was choosing new spots to stand and sleep and going off her usual naptime routine, the Animal Adventure Park said in a Facebook post Friday morning.
Erica Davies
April was more interested in chatting with our reporter than speaking to Oliver. The pair were introduced when he was just a calf.
April's pregnant belly. On Friday her keepers said they could feel the baby moving.
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Let's hope April's baby comes soon. The zoo said she appeared “a little more on edge” and was “not being as lovely as usual." Perhaps Oliver shouldn't take her stand-offish behavior personally.
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