Amy Poehler Wants “Parks & Recreation” to Pull a “Wire”

If Amy Poehler had her way, “Parks and Recreation” might kick off the third season a little differently.

“I keep joking with [show creator] Mike Schur that I want it to be like 'The Wire' in that every season is in a different place,” she tells PopcornBiz, “Like next year we start at the docks. It's a whole new department, like 'What's happening?! What?!'

That won’t be happening this time around, Poehler assures us, but she forecast a fresh new future afoot for her character Leslie Knope. “When we ended the season she was given the opportunity to maybe run for something, and it's like this great moment where something is starting to happen for her. She might stop being a deputy director of the Parks Department and become a member of the city council or something.”

“But what's complicating things is her relationship with Ben and her love of her job and her town,” Poeheler adds. “So there's a lot of fun stuff in terms of how far she's going to go, how happy she'll be if things change, what's going to happen. It's going to be a really fun season, I think.”


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