Albert Hughes Going to “Motor City,” Wants Chris Evans to Join HIm

Who's up for a movie with one line of dialogue in it?

With his long gestating "Akira" adaptation having fallen through, director Allen Hughes has moved on to a new film, "Motor City," reported Twitch, and the studio is courting Chris Evans for the lead.

"Motor City," which was written by Chad St. John and appeared on the 2009 Black List, tells the story of a crook who lands in jail after being set up, and upon his release goes after the guys who done him wrong--and there's reportedly one line in the whole film.

Joel Silver is hoping to produce the film, and is said to have Joel Edgerton and Jeremy Renner (what--no Tom Hardy?) on his short list in the event Evans should pass.

Evans proved himself to be a capable action hero in "Captain America," but pulling off a feature film with that little dialogue is gonna require some serious chops.

Evans can next be seen Sept. 30 opposite Anna Faris in "What's Your Number?"

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