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Trump Bashes Clinton, 'This Maniac, Sanders'



    Trump Bashes Clinton, 'This Maniac, Sanders'

    The Republican presidential front-runner is taking his campaign to Tyngsborough, where he'll attend a rally at an elementary school. (Published Friday, Oct. 16, 2015)

    Donald Trump spoke at a Massachusetts elementary school Friday, going off on his Republican and Democratic opponents, President Obama, the Iran deal and other topics.

    The Republican front-runner in the 2016 presidential race had especially harsh words for Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

    "Illegal immigration gets treated better," Trump said of the candidates' focus on veteran care. "You heard the other night, this maniac, Sanders. And then Hillary keeps going 'Yes, yes, I'll do that, too.' They want to raise your taxes to 90 percent."

    Neither Clinton nor Sanders has publicly called for a 90 percent tax rate.

    "What he wants to do is unthinkable. He wants to raise costs by trillions of dollars. And you know who's going to pay for it - you're going to pay for it," he said of Sanders. "The problem is he's dragging Hillary - poor Hillary ... He's ranting and raving, and she's saying, 'I'm going to do that, too.'"

    Crime among undocumented immigrants, a major platform of Trump's campaign, came up repeatedly Friday, leading him to invite police officers on stage.

    "Nobody's going to mess with these guys," he said to a roar of applause.

    He sent them down moments later, saying, "Alright, get the hell out of here. Those guys are great, they do such an amazing job."

    Trump heavily criticized the Obama administration and the work it has done.

    "We do not have smart leaders, folks," he said, calling the Iran deal the "worst deal I've ever seen negotiated in history."

    Necn asked the candidate why he chose Massachusetts for his rally.

    "I love Mass.," he said. "I love everything about it."

    Trump also had kind words for his friend and New England Patriots quarterback, telling necn "I love Tom Brady."