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Hotel Mini Bar Not So Popular



    Mini Bar

    American travelers would rather get free Wi-Fi in their hotel rooms than have easy access to overpriced liquor in the mini bar, according to a recent survey of preferred hotel amenities.

    The mini bar topped TripAdvisor's list of least important hotel amenities and services with just 21 percent support for the boozy mainstay. Travelers could also care less about hotel spa and beauty treatments, having a business center, laundry service or free pool-side Wi-Fi, according to the TripBarometer Truth in Travel Survey.

    By contrast, free, in-room Wi-Fi was a hit with 89 percent support, according to the survey. Free parking, free breakfast, free personal care items and even free lobby Wi-Fi rounded out TripAdviser's top five most important hotel amenities.

    The survey also found that accepting credit cards and hiring staff who "speak my language" also ranked high on travelers' wish lists.

    As for the lowly mini bar, don't count on its survival, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    Industry experts told the paper that working against the minibar's future are disputes over fees that make the bars a hassle to manage, as well as social trends that encourage travelers to get out of their rooms and eat in the lobby.