Zebras Spotted in Prince George's County

The zebras are legally owned and apparently escaped from a farm

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Zebras were spotted roaming around neighborhoods in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, in recent days.

Chopper4 spotted six zebras in a field on Tuesday afternoon.

Layla Curling said she was looking out the window of her family's Upper Marlboro home on Thursday when she did a double-take.

Stunned and excited, she ran to tell her mom she saw a zebra in their backyard.

“I thought it was a deer for a second and then I saw it was a zebra - a whole zebra right next to our playground right next to the fence. So, I ran upstairs to get a better look up there and then I said, 'Mom, there's, like, a zebra outside our playground' and she didn’t believe me and said I was crazy," Layla told News4.

Chopper4 flew over a pack of zebras that were spotted running wild on Tuesday in Maryland.

Her mom didn't believe her at first — but then she also did a double-take.


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There wasn't just one zebra. There were three.

“I called 311 and she thought I was crazy, she thought I was crazy. She paused for a long minute. I said, 'Ma’am, I am not drinking. I have not had any drugs. I have zebras in my backyard walking on the train tracks. I just wanted to know what service could come out because I didn’t want them to get hit and she paused for a long time and then said, 'OK, here's the number," Layla's mother, Alexis Reed Curling, said.

"How in the world could there be zebras?" Layla's dad, Paul Curling, said.

The zebras are legally owned and apparently escaped from a farm, animal control officials told News4.

They are now in a field, where animal control set up a feeding station so officers can try to corral the animals.

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