Metropolitan Police Department (DC Police / MPD)

Women Wanted for Attacking Bartender at U Street Nightclub

Video shows the women screaming and throwing their arms over the bar

Police are asking for help to find three women who assaulted a bartender at a nightclub on U Street in D.C.

The bartender reported to police that she was working on the second floor at Cloak & Dagger on Saturday, May 5 when two women started causing a disturbance and yelling at her to close out their tab, according to a police report.

Surveillance video D.C. police released on Wednesday shows three different women who are persons of interest. Two women can be seen screaming across the bar and leaning over. Later in the video, a third woman wearing a shirt that says "Good Vibes" can be seen hitting the bartender and flinging her handbag over the bar.

The victim told police two suspects swung at her and one of them punched her in the head. The other suspect grabbed a mason jar off of the bar and threw it at her, hitting her in the head, the police report said.

One of the suspects then threw a bar stool over the bar at the victim before security responded and took them out of the club, according to the report. 

The victim reported the incident to police on May 16. She told police she went to her doctor two days after the assault and her physician said she had suffered a concussion, a cut to her lip and bruising.

Police said the three women in the video are wanted for simple assault.

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