Kidnapping Suspect Disrupts Courtroom

5-year-old boy taken in Virginia, found in D.C.

The Falls Church woman accused of abducting a 5-year-old boy from Virginia and taking him to D.C. disrupted a routine court appearance Tuesday.

Kameron Deveaux Wells was abducted in the area of the 6200 block of Little River Turnpike in Alexandria Sunday morning. He was found in D.C. early Monday morning after an Amber Alert was issued Sunday night.

Falah Joe, 28, is charged in federal court in Alexandria with kidnapping.

Authorities said the alert was seen by a D.C. resident who told police the boy had been brought to his home by a friend and a woman his friend had met. Someone at the home who had seen the Amber Alert broadcast during a football game contacted police.

Joe is a former stripper who previously pleaded guilty to assault charges after trying to attack an ex-boyfriend during his 2003 sentencing in a killing at the D.C. club where she worked. She sneaked scissors into that hearing and in the process of attacking her ex-boyfriend, she stabbed a U.S. marshal in the hand.

On Sept. 18, Joe was sentenced to 30 days for failing to get court ordered mental treatment in connection with that case. She had only been out a couple of days when she allegedly abducted Kameron.

When the stabbing was mentioned in court Tuesday, Joe screamed, "I didn't stab no one. This is bull. I don't want to listen to this. I'm ready to go. Can I go to the back?"

When the prosecutor began citing specifics of the kidnapping of Wells, Joe twice slammed court papers.

"I didn't kidnap nobody," she screamed. "That little boy was out in the cold by himself. His father left him there."

Joe was forced out of the court room by three marshals.

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