Md. Woman Faces 100 Animal Cruelty Charges

Neglected 140 horses at illegal breeding farm, officials said.

More than 100 criminal animal cruelty charges will be filed against a Maryland woman accused of running an illegal horse breeding farm.

Authorities said Marsha Parkinson neglected 140 horses at her property in Queen Anne’s County.

Animal Control seized the animals in late April. The horses were put in the care of local animal welfare organizations and officials said their health has improved.

“Animal Services had been monitoring this farm for some time, and without intervention, many of these animals would have succumbed due to the ongoing neglect. We applaud the state’s attorney for holding the owner accountable for her actions and seeking justice for these animals. There is no excuse for letting any animal languish without proper care,” said Dave MacGlashan, director of Animal Control for Queen Anne’s County.

Parkinson may face additional charges by other state agencies for not having a license to operate an equine facility and tax-related issues.

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