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Woman Walks on Stage During Musical Looking for Bathroom

A woman climbed onto an Arlington theatre’s stage -- in the middle of a musical -- to look for the bathroom.

The woman managed to walk onto the stage during Signature Theatre’s performance of "The Fix" on Saturday night. The woman exited through an onstage door, making her way to the backstage area, according to

Actress Christine Sherrill was waiting to make her entrance when the door suddenly opened the wrong way. The woman asked Sherrill, "Where is the bathroom? I have to pee," Playbill reported.

The actors onstage -- and most of the audience -- didn't notice the woman when she walked onstage, Signature spokesman James Gardiner told Playbill.

After getting backstage, the woman, described as being in her mid-30s and part of a group, was taken to the lobby restroom by a crew member and was not reseated, Gardiner said.

"She appeared to be intoxicated when she was walked out to the lobby," Gardiner told Playbill.

The show went on without interruption, and the audience was not alerted to the incident. 

This is not the first unexpected guest to grace the set of "The Fix." In late July, a deer wandered onto the set  during construction. 

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