New Jersey

Whew! Missing SAT Tests From Loudoun County, Va., Found

Over 200 students in Loudoun County are breathing a sigh of relief after their missing SAT tests were found Monday morning. 

Schools officials say a sealed box containing 236 answer sheets was found on the bottom shelf of a cart in the shipping area of Broad Run High School. 

The school has been searching for the tests for about a month. Wayde Byard, a spokesman for Loudoun County Public Schools, says that after the May 2 exam, the sealed box was locked in the Guidance Office at Broad Run. At 9:07 a.m., the box and four other boxes were moved to the shipping area, where they were going to be shipped to Educational Testing Services (ETS).

School officials are not sure what happened to the tests next, but they are looking into how the box ended up on the cart.  

An ETS representative was at the school when the tests were found and will take the box to an ETS facility in Princeton, New Jersey. The school says the tests will be validated, and the affected students will not have to retake the exam. 

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