We Found Her! Model Who Famously Made Jim Vance Laugh Speaks

Video footage of a model strutting down a runway and falling twice famously made News4's late, great Jim Vance and George Michael laugh uncontrollably on live television.

More than a decade later, and after the moment that has been viewed on YouTube more than 22 million times, News4 has tracked down the model, Kamila Wawrzyniak.

Speaking from Warsaw, Poland, Wawrzyniak told News4's Doreen Gentzler the video makes her laugh too.

"Even though I'm in this video, I find it very hilarious. It's, like, the funniest thing I have ever seen," she said, smiling. "And with those two guys laughing at me, it was even better. It makes me smile every day."

Wawrzyniak was just 22 and a successful model when she tripped and fell in the 2006 Paris Fashion Week show for British designer Vivienne Westwood. She got up and continued down the runway, but her ankles knocked together and buckled a second time.

As the clip of her falling was shown during a TV broadcast, Vance and Michael lost it.

"There she goes again," Vance said through laughter. He and Michael laughed on live TV for almost a whole minute as anchor Susan Kidd waited alongside them.

Here's what happened: Wawrzyniak's towering high heels weren't the problem. She was used to those. It was the watering can she was holding. Wawrzyniak says that during a rehearsal for the fashion show, the heavy watering can was empty. When it came time for the actual show, the watering can was full and "so super heavy."

As she strutted down the runway, she had to stop to pour water on paper flowers. Some of the water fell onto the runway, making it "super slippery." So, she fell. Twice. 

She cried after the show and hurt her ankle, but she still was able to walk in a Dior fashion show that night.

Kidd, the former anchor, said she didn't laugh when Vance and Michael did because she was worried that the model was seriously hurt.

"I feel like now I'm the stick-in-the-mud because I'm the one who wasn't cracking up, but I felt really bad for her," she said. "I'm glad she finds it funny, though."

Wawrzyniak definitely had a sense of humor about it.

"I didn't break my leg. I'm still alive, so everything is fine," she said.

She still works as a model and is pursuing a new career in business and continuing her education.

She said she hopes the video keeps bringing people joy.

"People can continue laughing at me for many more years," she said.

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