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Water Turns Red in Dupont Circle Fountain

The water in Dupont Circle's landmark fountain turned red Monday after someone apparently put dye into the water, the National Park Service said on social media.

Twitter user @vtn shared an image of the fountain on the social media platform Monday morning, writing, "Someone please tell me why the Dupont Circle fountain is currently blood red before I freak out..."

The National Park Service said it appeared that a dye had been added to the fountain, the agency posted on Twitter about 2 p.m.

Brian Hall, an NPS spokesman, said in an email that remnants of red dye powder were found on the edge of the fountain.

It's unclear who dyed the fountain or why, but the U.S. Park Police were notified, Hall said.

The color had been filtered out by midday, Hall said, but the fountain has been drained. It's set to be refilled tomorrow, after it's scrubbed of any leftover coloring.

"Our crews will be draining the fountain today, then cleaning and refilling tomorrow to make sure it is clear of remnants," the agency posted on Twitter.

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