Virginia Woman Sentenced for 35th Felony Conviction Following Charges in Three States

A Virginia woman was sentenced last week for her 35th felony conviction.

Teenya Marie Tauzin, 35, was sentenced to four years in prison and six months of supervision upon completion of her sentence.

Tauzin’s most recent charge is in connection with a March 2014 bad check. Tauzin pleaded guilty to the charge in January. She attempted to cash three checks totaling $3,725 at Navy Federal Credit Union March 25, 2014. She drew them from her own account at M&T Bank, prosecutors said.

While trying to verify the checks, a credit union employee found out Tauzin’s account at M&T Bank had been closed. M&T Bank advised Tauzin fewer than 48 hours before her account had been closed and she should not write any more checks from the account, prosecutors said.

An offense of this nature does not usually warrant multiple years in prison, prosecutors said, but given Tauzin’s extensive history, Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman decided removing her from the community will protect citizens.

Tauzin’s 12-year criminal history consists felony charges including bad checks, credit card theft, identity theft, obtaining money by false pretense and forgery. She has violated terms of her probation multiple times.

This was Tauzin’s first appearance in Loudoun County court.

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