Va. Man Drives Truck Off Second Floor of Garage

leesburg parking crash
Leesburg Police Department

An 85-year-old man drove a pickup truck off the second level deck of a Leesburg, Virginia, parking garage Thursday, landing on two empty picnic benches, according to Leesburg police.

The man had minor injuries; no one else was injured in the crash, Leesburg police said.

Police charged the driver, Rattan J. Bhatia, of Hillsboro, Virginia, with reckless driving. They said the 1994 Ford Ranger was being driven at a "high rate of speed" in the parking garage. 

The crash occurred around 1 p.m. at the Town of Leesburg's Parking Garage at 25 West Market Street. Leesburg police said the pickup truck drove over a curb before launching through a "metal barricade and brick facade."

Police are asking anyone who witnessed the crash to call 703-771-4500.

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