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Uber rolls out teen accounts in the DC area

Parents can invite teens to create their own account, which offers special safety features to riders aged 13 to 17, Uber said

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The return to the classroom also comes with the return of hectic teen schedules. Between school, sports and extracurriculars, it can be stressful figuring out how to get them where they need to go.

Uber is introducing a new feature, Uber Teen, that helps teens aged 13 to 17 get where they need to go. The platform has added a service that allows teens to order a ride from an account connected to their parent or guardian’s account.

Safety features include allowing parents to follow the route on the app or call the driver during the ride. There’s also a PIN verification system: Teen riders will be given a PIN, and a driver must enter the correct number into the app before the ride begins.

And if the drive goes off course or stops for extended periods of time at any point, Uber says it will call the driver and the teen and, if necessary, 911.

“Only drivers and couriers who have passed local screening and background check requirements and are highly-rated and experienced will be able to receive trip and delivery requests from teen account holders,” Uber said. “Drivers can choose to opt-out of receiving teen trips at any time.”

Uber says drivers with teen passengers can’t change the drop-off location.

How to set up a teen account on Uber

Here’s what Uber says about setting up an account for a teen:

“Through their Family Profile in the Uber app, a parent or guardian can invite their teen to create an account. The teen will receive a link to download the app, create their new teen account, and complete the mandatory safety onboarding process. After that, teens can start requesting trips and ordering meals on their own.”

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