Two More Die After Lewisdale House Fire

Total of three fatal victims

Two more victims of a Sunday fire that ripped through a Prince George's County home succumbed to their injuries.

The fire in Lewisdale has now claimed a total of three lives.

The two have been identified as Simone Anne Munroe, 36, and Janet Assing-Macklin, 61.  They were the mother and aunt of the child who died Sunday morning, six-year-old Omari Noel.

According to investigators, the fire was started by an overloaded power strip.  Firefighters responded at 3:45 a.m. on Sunday to the 2400 block of Lewisdale.  When they arrived, the encountered a heavy fire that had already engulfed the house in smoke.  Firefighters were able to push through the high heat to retrieve the victims from the fire.

The fire is being considered accidental.  Prince George's Fire and Emergency Medical Services are stressing the importance of having working fire alarms in the home.

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