Protester Camps Killing Tax-Funded Grass at McPherson Square

Protesters take steps to lessen impact on grass

Some of your stimulus tax dollars have been protested to death.

Federal money paid for improvements to McPherson Square earlier this year, including refurbished benches, light poles, water fountains, fencing and sod.

Then three weeks ago, protesters with Occupy D.C. moved in, camping on the new grass.

Now the National Park Service says the protesters have killed much of the new grass that was put there.

According to the Washington Examiner, it could cost $200,000 to replace it.

Protesters told the Examiner they're not happy with what the camp has done to the grass, and they're taking steps to try to lessen their impact.

But one protester from Gaithersburg, Joe Gray, 23, told the Examiner "this is our home, too."

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