Travel Budgets Up in D.C. This Fourth

D.C. area traveling further, spending more


If you’re planning on hitting the roads this holiday weekend you’re not alone. About 35 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.

In the Washington area, more than 817,000 people will journey by plane, train and automobile.

“Our area economy is rebounding steadily, and as a result, for the first time in two years Washingtonians are traveling in greater numbers,” said John Townsend, of AAA Mid-Atlantic.

More people have more spending money for things like travel, Townsend said. The influx of stimulus dollars has helped increase jobs and discretionary incomes in the D.C. area.

With gas prices down about a dime since Memorial Day, it’s no surprise that more than 90 percent of those traveling in the D.C. area will travel by car.

Airlines are also getting a boost, with more than 33,000 Washingtonians planning to fly. Trains and buses are also getting a boost with about 35,000 people this year.

AAA said Washingtonians are also expected to spend more and travel further than the national average.

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