Transgender Woman Robbed at Gunpoint in D.C.

For the second time within a week, D.C. police are investigating a possible hate crime against a transgender victim.

Last week, a 15-year-old transgender girl was stabbed aboard a Metro train by a man witnesses say taunted her prior to the attack.

The most recent victim was attacked while walking on Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE last Saturday around 4 p.m. The 30-year-old was on her way to pay her bills when she felt a gun at the back of her head.

"He told me, 'Give me your money, I'ma [sic] kill all these *****,' including me. If I didn't give it up, he was going to shoot me," she said. 

The victim hasn't left her apartment because she is afraid to go outside. She said she may even lose her apartment because she can't replace the rent money that was stolen.

"It's very traumatic," she said. "I don't wish this on [anybody]."

D.C. police say the incident is being investigated as a suspected hate crime. 

The suspect in last week's Metro stabbing incident is facing the possibility of enhanced penalties for hate or bias motivation.

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