Top Tech From Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Association visited News4 to show off a handful of gadgets from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

  • One piece of technology takes paying with your phone to the next level. LooPay is a removable card, so you can hand it off to a waiter or a clerk. It can store and carry identification and backup card with your smartphone. ($59.95)
  • Forget to turn off a light or turn down the heat after you left the house? Belkin WeMo Insight Switch is a piece of technology designed to allow you to control lamps, heaters and electronics outside the home and keep track of energy usage and costs. ($59.99)
  • Ever wonder what your dog is up to? Now you can see what your dog sees on your smartphone through the Motorola Multi Collar SCOUT 500. It’s a camera equipped with a GPS. Dog owners can also get “bark alerts” and talk to the dog. ($199)
  • Want to set the mood in lighting? Phillips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting contains bulbs that can dim, flash, pulse or change color and ambience. ($199.97)
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