Thieves Befriend Autistic Man, Steal $600 From His Bank Account

Two men befriended a Maryland man who has autism and stole $600 from his bank account, police say.

Twenty-two-year-old Jordan Potts worked as a Safeway grocery store and made about $100 per week. His mother set up a savings account for him.

Two men who gained his trust asked Potts for his bank account information and then stole his ATM card, Montgomery County police say. Last month, one of the men deposited a fake check written to Potts and then withdrew $600 from his account.

Potts' mother, Ruby Potts, address the thieves who police are still searching for.

"It is wrong, it's evil, it's sinful, and you really need to repent and seek to make some sort of recompense if you want to have a life that you're proud of," she said.

Ruby Potts lived in Clinton, Maryland, as of Tuesday but said her entire family is moving soon.

"We have moved Jordan to another state, for his safety," she said. "We're moving just because we realize he's vulnerable and it's a larger population here, and there's a larger chance of something happening."

Navy Federal Credit Union, where the men were able to make the phony transaction, said Tuesday that Potts was still responsible for the money.

"In this case, as with any case of fraud, we work closely with the member to resolve the issue," the company said.

In an update on Wednesday, the company said they would "help make things right" and cover the $600 account overdraft. 

Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to call police at 240-773-6330. Tips may be made anonymously by calling 866-411-TIPS. A reward of as much as $10,000 is offered.

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