The Night Note: 8/26/09

News you need to know

I'm all for awesome iPhone applications that make my life easier, but I'm curious exactly how often one would need to frequent the Chipotle fast food chain to justify having a special app just for pre-ordering your burritos (hat tip to the Washington Business Journal on this one).  A pizza chain iPhone app I understand, because anything, anything to avoid speaking to an actual employee when placing a delivery order at some place like Pizza Hut is worth trying. But Chipotle doesn't even deliver, right? You still have to go there to get your burrito. (DCist)

A homeless man caught fire after U.S. police shocked him with a Taser gun, it has been revealed. Daniel Wood, 31, was allegedly sniffing gas from an aerosol can as he ran through traffic when he was chased by two officers in Lancaster, Ohio.  One officer caught Wood and got him on the ground, where Wood continued to resist, according to the police report.Another officer shouted a warning, then zapped Wood with the Taser, the report said.
(The Daily Mail)

Like many political action organizations, the conservative-leaning Christian Coalition ( tagline: Defending America’s Godly Heritage!) has a Twitter presence. With almost 5,000 Twitter followers and steady updates, the Christian Coalition will no doubt be heard in the Twitterverse and beyond.  But when one Tweets to the masses, not every reader will comprise your typical audience. When This Recording and Tumblr blogger Tyler Coates got wind of a survey the conservative organization posted to their website, he (and quite a few re-tweeters) started passing it around.  While people of all political stripes identify as Christian, Tyler (a self-identified liberal and a gay man) and his Twitter followers are probably not the anti-gay, anti-choice Christian Coalition’s intended audience. (Mediaite)

A bear that wandered into an in-ground skateboard park and got stuck was rescued when officials lowered a ladder so it could climb out. The bear was discovered Tuesday morning in the Colorado resort town of Snowmass, according to KUSA-TV. Officials say it apparently was in the park all night, and couldn't get out because of the steep concrete sides.  Workers from the Parks and Recreation Department lowered a long ladder. The bear eventually climbed the ladder and wandered away.

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