The Making of the Zombie Apocalypse Prank Video: Siblings Tell All on ‘Ellen' Show

"I thought maybe they were going to make me say something silly," sister says. "I didn't realize they were going to convince me my world was falling apart"

The teenage girl whose brothers convinced her of a zombie apocalypse after she had dental surgery is being a good sport about the viral video that shows her hilariously panicked and woozy as her brothers demand she plan their escape.

"It's funny, but at the same time, why would I ever want anybody to see this of me ever?" Millicent Phillips, 17, said Thursday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

The video of the elaborate prank had been viewed on YouTube more than 15 million times by Friday afternoon.

Phillips said she knew before she had her wisdom teeth removed that her brothers planned to play a prank on her while she was high on anesthesia.

"I thought maybe they were going to make me say something silly. I didn't realize they were going to convince me my world was falling apart," she said to laughter.

As Millicent had a mouthful of cotton, her brothers Cabot, Barrett and Hudson convinced her zombies were coming and made her choose between the family's cat or dog.

"The cat, you idiot!" she cried as her brothers recorded it all.


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The Phillips brothers told her in the video they needed to flee to Mexico and asked her if she could remember any Spanish from school.

"I can say 'pants,'" she replied.

The night before Millicent was set to have the surgery April 7, her brothers planned the prank at the kitchen table of the family's home in Leesburg, Virginia.

The "Walking Dead" fans made a fake Centers for Disease Control and Prevention radio message about a virus warning, got the dentist in on the plan and had their mom make a panicked phone call urging them to get home as soon as possible.

"We knew [Millicent] was afraid of zombies, so we were like, let's just do this," one of the brothers told DeGeneres, who said she was impressed by the lengths the brothers went to trick their little sister.

DeGeneres gave the siblings treats for their cat, Hercules, and their dog, Napoleon. Millicent got a shirt that reads "The cat, you idiot!" over a photo of she and her brother screaming at each other in the car.

Millicent defended her decision to take the cat, not the dog, if zombies strike.

Cabot apparently has experience making online videos. He worked most recently as a digital grassroots director for former presidential candidate Marco Rubio, his LinkedIn profile says. He also has listed himself as a YouTube partner.

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