Testimony From Beyond The Grave in Producer's Death?

Police: "Mafia-style" hit put on key witness

Testimony in the murder of a popular music producer in Prince George's County may come from beyond the grave.

Police arrested 20-year-old Rashadd Alexis Tuesday, charging him in the death of a key witness in the 2006 murder of Raymond "Scottie Beats" Brown.

That key witness was 22-year-old Bobby Ennels. Police now suspect Alexis of carrying out a hit on Ennels, who died on Oct. 7, 2008, just days before he was set to testify in the Scottie Beats murder case.

Police believe Alexis' older brother Jamaal, who's currently behind bars and awaiting trial in the Scottie Beats murder, ordered the hit. "This was a mafia-style, witness intimidation execution," said Prince George's County Lt. Col. Kevin Davis of Ennels' death.

Though Ennels was killed, he may not be silenced. State's Attorney Glenn Ivey hopes to use testimony that Ennels gave to prosecutors before his death. To do so, Ivey will test Maryland's Witness Intimidation Law for the first time. It was passed in 2005.

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