Tempers Flair Over Fauquier County Sports Cuts

Parents voice their anger over cuts to school sports programs

The Fauquier County School Board is getting an earful from parents over its decision to scrap many sports for middle school students and high school freshmen.

Parents lit into school board members during a meeting last night.

“I don’t personally think that you’re telling me the whole story,” one mother said. “I’m angry with you, and it’s going to take a long time to get over it. We have to work together, but I want you to know we will, but I’m really angry with what you’re doing right now, and I’m not going to forget this.”

The board plans to save money by eliminating competitive sports programs for all middle school students and high school freshmen. Intramural sports leagues would be created instead.

The school board claims the cuts are for budgetary reasons, but some parents aren’t buying that argument.

“We don’t have a revenue problem,” one father said. “We have a spending problem, and anybody who claims otherwise is being dishonest. There’s more than enough money being spent on administrators getting fat at the taxpayer trough, ...[and] some of the money could easily be redirected to cover the minimal amount it costs to have a middle school sports program.”

The school board pointed out that many other school systems in Virginia don’t have middle school sports programs either.

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