Teens, 13 and 14, Accused of Setting Fire to Empty Building in Virginia

Police arrested two teenagers for allegedly setting fire to a building in Vienna, Virginia, and committed acts of vandalism.

Surveillance video shows two people riding bikes and entering the Vienna building that used to be Marco Polo restaurant. When they leave, smoke can be seen coming out of a window, followed by flames.

Rick Lucian was working next door at AJ's Sports Stop on Oct. 14 when he was alerted that the fire was getting close. He feared it would spread.

“I was afraid that the trees were going to catch, so the police started roping off the area,” he said. “No customers could come into the store, and it was kind of scary.”

A second alarm was called, and the building was completely demolished.

Police arrested a 14-year-old who lives in Vienna and a 13-year-old from Reston on Wednesday.

The teens also are accused of vandalism behind the same building about a month earlier. Surveillance video from a neighboring business shows vandals breaking the windows of five buses.

The boys also are suspected of the vandalism of two historic government buildings near Lahey Lost Valley Park, causing thousands of dollars in damage on Nov. 4.

“I'm very happy that it’s brought this to a closure so we don't have to be as concerned as we were,” said David Schreiner of Prestige Lawn and Landscape.

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