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Teen Girl Injured in Fight at Gaithersburg High School, Both Students Charged

Two Maryland high school students have been charged in connection to a fight at Gaithersburg High School in October.

Diana Melendez, 16, suffered a concussion in the fight and said another student started arguing with her in a girls bathroom at the school in October. The argument quickly turned into a fight.

"So she hit me and I hit her and then I remember going into the wall in between the sinks because I didn't want to fall into the sink and I remember hitting the back of my head on the cinder block wall," Diana said.

But the father of the other student told News4 Melendez assaulted his daughter and scratched her face.

He said his daughter was defending herself from Melendez. Gaithersburg police are investigating the fight and said the original report listed Melendez as the victim, but that as they developed more information they decided to charge both students.

On Thursday, a Gaithersburg High School employee leaked videos of fights at the school to News4. Diana's mother, Erika Melendez, contacted News4 after seeing the report.

Diana said she has had trouble with her balance and her mother sometimes has to help her walk.


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"She came home with one whole side of her face bruised. She couldn't remember what happened in the fight," Erika Melendez said while fighting back tears. "Ever since then it's just been a barrage of...I'm sorry...a barrage of physical therapy."

Erika Melendez said school administrators have not been helpful or sympathetic to her daughter's injuries, which have kept Diana out of school.

Montgomery County Public Schools said it is working with the family to help Diana's transition back to school.

"If she requests a transfer, we're certainly willing to have that conversation with her to make sure that she can feel safe and that our school system can provide her with the education she deserves," said Montgomery County Public Schools spokesperson Derek Turner.

Erika Melendez said she will not send her daughter back to Gaithersburg High School.

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