Teacher Allegedly Abused 3-Year-Old With Autism at DC School

A 3-year-old girl with autism allegedly was force-fed by a teacher at school last week. The alleged abuse happened at School Within School @ Goding in Northeast D.C. 

Shanae Brown, the girl's mother, said the principal of the school told her about the abuse allegation Monday and gave her a "Student Behavior Report" outlining the incident.

The report states that a teacher allegedly "shoved food in her [daughter's] mouth and held her mouth closed, with her fingers occasionally obstructing her nose airway. At one point she inserted her fingers inside her mouth to push the food down her throat. The 3-year-old was gagging and crying. This lasted almost three minutes.”

"My baby was being abused, and my heart is broken," Brown said.

Brown demands to know why school officials told her about the allegation Monday, as opposed to last week when the incident allegedly happened.

"As a mother, I'm broken," Brown said. "I'm hurt for my child because she don't have the voice to say stop. She ain't have the voice to push her hand away."

Brown said she wants charges to be filed against the teacher and thinks the teacher should not be able to work with kids anymore.

D.C. police are investigating the abuse allegation.

The principal of the school sent a letter home to parents Monday night saying he followed proper mandatory D.C. public school protocol after receiving the allegation.

The teacher is on temporary administrative leave.

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