Steve Harvey Awards Spotlight Prince George’s County

Steve Harvey's annual award show put the spotlight on Prince George's County this year.

A handful of people from the area attended Harvey’s 11th Annual Ford Neighborhood Awards in Las Vegas Saturday to be recognized for going above and beyond in the black community.

For Albert Lewis, a teacher at Walker Mills Middle School, his "Best Teacher Award" was another sign that things are headed in the right direction in Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Lewis was one of seven winners in 12 categories from Prince George’s County.

Stan Richards first made noise with his rags to riches story, battling drug addiction to become a leader in the sales world. Saturday he won the Best Community Leader award, which comes with a $30,000 check.

For both Richards and Lewis the event was an opportunity to form relationships with other people from around the country trying to make a positive impact in urban areas.

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