Stafford County Church Group Make Face Masks for Medical Professionals

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Inside the home of one Stafford County woman, a sewing machine, fabric and measuring equipment is meticulously spread out on a wooden dining table. This is Susan Morgan’s assembly line for making protective face masks for Stafford County health care providers and first responders in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Morgan spurred into action, along with other members of a church group known as the Spotswood Stitchers, after health care workers made a public plea for protective gear last weekend.

“Most of what we’re making will go over the masks to help them last longer," Morgan said. "When they don’t have many they want them not to get as dirty so this is another layer of protection on top of those masks.”

Once completed, the masks — which are made with all kinds of colorful designs — are delivered to a newly set up warehouse inside a local fire station.

From there, Stafford County Fire & Rescue Deputy Chief Kyle Murphy said the supplies are distributed to wherever they need to go.

“Public works, community partners such as nursing homes, [or] if hospitals need something,” Murphy said.

Morgan and her fellow stitchers are no strangers to helping the community. They have been sewing items for nursing homes and maternity wards for about a decade. Morgan said she’s happy to be doing her part to help with the pandemic.

“I trust in God, so I know he’s going to take care of everything, and making the masks kind of takes your mind off everything that’s going on and knowing that you are helping people," she said. "Lots of nurses and doctors need these.”

If you’d like to make donations to help Stafford County officials, you can find information on the Stafford County government’s website.

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