Source of Water Flowing Down Neighborhood Sidewalk Finally Found After Weeks

For three weeks a steady stream of water flowed down a Maryland neighborhood sidewalk, and the utility company didn’t help find the source, residents said.

Residents who live along Colfax Drive and Cornish Street in Fort Washington worried the water would eventually cause property damage.

“It's a leak, but we don't know where it's coming from,” Gracie Reece said.

They called Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission numerous times but didn't learn the source.

“Just to say they send trucks out, and folks look and leave and no communication,” Reece said.

Fed up with the flowing water, Reece called NBC4 Responds. We contacted WSSC, and just a few hours later they sent out another crew. By the next morning, they found the source.

After conducting pressure tests at multiple properties on the pipe segment, WSSC confirmed the origin of the leak was a property on Colfax Drive, the utility company said. According to WSSC, it was the homeowner's responsibility to fix it. The home is at a higher elevation, according to WSSC, so the water followed the topography.

NBC4 Responds also contacted the homeowner, and although he had 30 days to fix the leak, he didn't wait. The pipe was repaired Wednesday.

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