Blizzard, Obama Dubs Thee “Snowmaggedon”

“It's like an April day in Chicago,” Kaine says.

“Snowmageddon” -- that's what President Barack Obama has dubbed the storm that's shut down Washington and left thousands without power.

His motorcade made it a few blocks through deserted streets so he could speak at the Democratic National Committee's winter meeting. Obama was sticking to his schedule because DNC delegates already were in town before the big snowstorm and because the meeting wasn't too far from the White House.

In his opening remarks, Obama thanked activists for being willing to brave the blizzard. The streets around the hotel where the meeting was held were blocked by snow and police ahead of the President's arrival.

California Rep. Mike Honda was delayed on the slow-running subway. Other officials who stumbled into the hotel were caked in snow and ice.

Obama said he saw a sign that said “Californians for Obama” -- and he joked that "you guys aren't used to this.”

Democratic party chairman and former governor of Virginia Tim Kaine (who should probably know better) added, “it's like an April day in Chicago” -- Chicago being Obama's hometown, of course.

Meanwhile, Obama's not the only one coming up with names for the worst blizzard to hit the DC area in 90 years. Viewers have been sending NBC4 meteorologist Chuck Bell several suggestions for what to call the latest storm:

  • The Artic Adventure 2010
  • The Great Snow Ball 2010
  • Snow-Mercy
  • Snow Bowl 2010
  • Tai-Shan's Revenge
  • Snowtorious B.I.G.
  • Nicker-Kicker
  • Misery 2010
  • Snowzilla
  • The Washing’10 Blizzards -- and yes,
  • Snowmaggedon

What's your favorite?

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