SmarTrip Prices to Lower in October

The price of Metro's SmarTrip cards will go down Oct. 1.

The new cards will be $2, said WMATA General Manager and CEO Richard Sarles. Currently, SmarTrip cards cost $5, but when riders register their card online, they receive a $3 rebate.

Cards bought at Metrorail stations cost $10, although that price includes $5 in fare money.

"We are transitioning away from paper farecards as we prepare to introduce a new fare system, and I would encourage everyone to make the switch to the faster, more convenient and environmentally friendly SmarTrip card,” said Sarles.

Beginning this October, the rebate program will be discontinued. Participating CVS stores will continue to sell $10 SmarTrip cards with $8 preloaded on the card. Riders will also be able to purchase a SmarTrip card for $2 at any Metro sales office or commuter store.

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