Slain Lawyer’s Widow Learning to Look Ahead, Remember Good Times

Following a civil settlement in the high profile slaying of a D.C. lawyer, his widow still has to live with the fact that it’s an open case.

“Robert is one of those rare individuals that when you meet him you want the rest of your friends to become friends with him,” Kathy Wone said.

Robert Wone was stabbed to death inside a Dupont Circle townhouse in 2006. Three men who lived there were found not guilty in criminal court and privately settled with Kathy Wone for undisclosed terms.

"It's very draining,” Kathy Wone said. “It does require a lot of you both emotionally and physically.”

Through counseling she's learning to laugh again and look ahead, not always back, but also to look back with a new perspective on her time with Robert.

“You come to realize that it's actually very sacred,” she said. “That makes a big difference rather than just feeling that emotional void as a black hole, and the four-and-a-half years that I had with Robert, it is very sacred. … It's more healing to view it that way as opposed to just a black hole that is empty.”

Kathy Wone also said she tries to look to the future.

“I don't get too weighed down about what could have been,” she said. “I do still feel the sting.”

Kathy Wone believes that the three men acquitted at least were involved in some way in her husband’s death, she just doesn’t know the details.

“It is my belief that when you continue to hide something like that, something that dark and heavy and evil, it will start weighing on you,” she said. “It’ll take a toll, if it’s not already doing that, on the three men.”

The investigation of Robert Wone’s death remains active.

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