“Shaking” Your Way into Shape This New Year

Get started on that New Year's resolution

High energy personal trainer Laurent Amzallag shows Angie Goff three fun exercises you can do at home to tone your body. This work-out segment will have you laughing as you learn the sexy squat, side hops and how to quickly work your core.

Laurent teaches “Ya-La,” which means “Let’s Go” at the Sports Club LA in Northwest DC. Ya-La combines strength conditioning exercises and dance moves choreographed to world beats. Read more about Ya-La here.

Before exercising Laurent says to warm up with a side to side steps to get your cardio going for 5-10 minutes.

Sexy Squat: If you are a beginning and don’t have great balance use a chair to help you do the exercise. Challenge yourself and do it on one leg.

Side to Side Hops: Take it at your own pace

Quick Crunch: Use a mat… don’t over exert yourself. You want to improve and not hurt yourself.

Finally don’t forget to smile.. because it’s the beginning of a new you.

For more tips and information on Laurent you can find him at the Sport Club LA in NW DC.

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