Police Return to Double Shooting Victim's Home for Clues

Montgomery County, Maryland, police returned to the home of one of the shooting victims from a double homicide in Montgomery Village on June 5.

Detectives and a crime scene technician worked through the home of Shadi Adi Najjar, 17, who died that evening with his friend, Artem Ziberov, 18, while the two were sitting in a car. The investigators were trying to find fingerprints in the home, something Najjar’s father believes is significant.

Adi Nijjar believes his son was the intended target and the other teenager was just in the wrong place. He said by searching for fingerprints in his home, he thought the killer was probably inside his house at some time and set up his son to be killed.

The two victims were honor roll students at Northwest High School and were scheduled to graduate the day after the shooting. Adi Nijjar said the timing of the shooting was no accident.

Police said 23 shots were fired from two different guns that evening. They said the interior light in the car was on, the engine was running, and one of the victims had money in his hand.

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