‘Spontaneous Kindness’: 7-Year-Old Aspiring Police Officer Enjoys Visit With Fairfax Police

"I'm extremely grateful for this spontaneous kindness," said the mom of a tiny aspiring police officer

Tracey Edman

Fairfax County police officers made the day of a seven-year-old aspiring officer and her twin brother this week.

After her daughter, Eva, expressed interest in being a police officer, Tracey Edman bought Eva a child-sized uniform. On Tuesday, Edman took her children to visit the Fairfax County Police Department -- but they weren't expecting any special attention.

"We just came to take pictures," Edman said. "We weren't expecting to meet anyone."

But little Eva, clad in her own pint-sized uniform, was met with joy from the officers.

Private First Class Jacob Luttrell showed the two children his police cruiser -- letting each child sit in the drivers' seat -- and all of his equipment. The children were thrilled and their mother was thankful.

Edman said both of her children have special needs; her son has autism and her daughter has cerebral palsy, she said.

"I'm extremely grateful for this spontaneous kindness," Edman said.

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