‘Spontaneous Kindness': 7-Year-Old Aspiring Police Officer Enjoys Visit With Fairfax Police

"I'm extremely grateful for this spontaneous kindness," said the mom of a tiny aspiring police officer

Fairfax County police officers made the day of a seven-year-old aspiring officer and her twin brother this week.

After her daughter, Eva, expressed interest in being a police officer, Tracey Edman bought Eva a child-sized uniform. On Tuesday, Edman took her children to visit the Fairfax County Police Department -- but they weren't expecting any special attention.

"We just came to take pictures," Edman said. "We weren't expecting to meet anyone."

Tracey Edman

But little Eva, clad in her own pint-sized uniform, was met with joy from the officers.

Private First Class Jacob Luttrell showed the two children his police cruiser -- letting each child sit in the drivers' seat -- and all of his equipment. The children were thrilled and their mother was thankful.

Edman said both of her children have special needs; her son has autism and her daughter has cerebral palsy, she said.

"I'm extremely grateful for this spontaneous kindness," Edman said.

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