Second-Grade Teacher Suspected of Being Drunk at School

A second-grade teacher was arrested at a Loudoun County, Virginia, school after possibly showing up drunk, the sheriff’s office said.

Michael J. Corbett, 28, had "brief contact" with students at Pinebrook Elementary School in Aldie Wednesday morning before school administrators called police, Loudoun County Public Schools said.

Corbett was charged with being drunk in public.

"I think it's obviously a personal matter, I think the school is very good at taking care of the students that are here," one parent said. 

According to the school district, Corbett has taught at Pinebrook for two years. He is on paid suspension.

"We've kind of lost our ability to empathize, and I think in some cases we have to step back and say, should I comment on this immediately? Or should I judge immediately?" Wayne Byard with Loudoun County Public Schools said.

Corbett was arrested for DUI last December also in Loudoun County. In 2012, he pleaded guilty to having drug paraphernalia in Maryland. 

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