Road Repaving Catches Residents Off Guard in Southwest DC

A quick road repaving project is underway in Southwest D.C., but not everyone knew it was coming.

"They failed to notify anybody on this street that it was going to happen," said Kristin Rose, who works in the area.

Workers are busy repaving a part of E Street, which houses NASA Headquarters and several other businesses. 

Some drivers, food truck owners and others in the area said they didn't know the work was coming, leading to several cars getting towed and plenty of backups.

"I'd say the garage for the building at 300 E Street is probably half empty and normally it's full, especially on a Thursday," Rose said. "People just can't tolerate it."

District Department of Transportation is required to give three days' notice in a residential neighborhood project, and two days' notice for places like E Street where there are more businesses.

DDOT has an interactive map where people can see where they've worked and where they plan on going in upcoming weeks.

Still, DDOT said it agrees that it needs to work on ways to give people better notice of its paving projects.

The road should be finished by the end of the week, DDOT said.

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