Rescue Teams Searching for 2 Swept Away on Flooded Virginia Road

Swift-water rescue teams are looking for two people who went missing on a flooded road in Albemarle County, Virginia. 

A man and a woman were last seen in the water Wednesday night as their silver Toyota Prius was swept away in a flash flood where a rural road crosses Ivy Creek. A second vehicle also was swept away, but its driver was rescued. 

The Regional Emergency Operations Center has been activated and a second swift water rescue team from Harrisonburg has responded and is on stand-by after a request for assistance was made to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. 

Emergency officials have been warning not to drive on roads where floodwaters are deep enough to obscure the yellow lines, promoting the hashtag #dontdrownturnaround.

On Sunday, a 39-year-old National Guardsman was swept away by flash floods in Ellicott City, Maryland. Police found the body of Eddison Hermond on Tuesday. Witnesses say he braved the intense flash floods to help save a neighbor.

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