Report: Redskins Merchandise Sales Plunge 35 Percent Last Quarter

The movement against the Washington Redskins' nickname has gathered considerable momentum recently. Apparently, that fervent opposition has impacted merchandise sales.

According to a CNN Money report citing SportsSourceOne, the sales of Redskins items plunged 35 percent last quarter despite overall NFL sales rising three percent. 

"People are having a second thoughts about wearing a T-shirt with the logo or name that it has now been called racist," Matt Powell, senior analyst for SportsSourceOne, told CNN Money.

"If I'm a retailer and I'm nervous about this logo, I'm taking a more cautious approach."

A Redskins spokesman chalked up the decrease in sales to the team's lousy 3-13 record last season, which is a reasonable point. To that end, the only team that suffered a bigger drop was the Baltimore Ravens, who failed to defend their 2012 Super Bowl championship by missing the playoffs in 2013.

From April 1, 2012, to March 1, 2013, the Redskins as a team sold the fourth-most merchandise in the NFL. They fell out of the top 10 last season

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