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More than 10 million older adults in the U.S. face the threat of hunger every day. If you’re surprised by that statistic, you’re not alone. Even though senior hunger exists in every community across the country, it’s one of America’s best-kept secrets.

Often the result of job loss and other economic challenges, hunger and food insecurity put the American Dream firmly out of reach. Senior hunger is hidden hunger — and hunger is a health issue. Seniors who are food insecure are 50 percent more likely to have diabetes, 60 percent more likely to have congestive heart failure or a heart attack, and three times more likely to suffer from depression.

In D.C., over 20 percent of seniors face food insecurity. They’re making impossible choices between putting food on the table and buying medicine or paying the rent. Fortunately, local corporations and organizations can help. On Wednesday, September 11, volunteers are invited to join AARP Foundation on the National Mall for the 2019 Celebration of Service Meal Pack Challenge. Part of the Foundation’s larger effort to end senior poverty by helping vulnerable older adults build economic opportunity and social connectedness, the event aims to recruit 4,125 volunteers to pack a million healthy meals.

Through the Meal Pack Challenge, local corporations can make a highly visible commitment to the greater D.C. community while also strengthening employee morale in a fun, high-energy environment. The day runs from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and volunteers will work in teams in 90-minute shifts. Once packed, meals will be distributed to seniors in need throughout the D.C. metro area.

Is your organization up for the challenge? Register your employees here to be a part of this life-changing event and make a difference for vulnerable older adults.

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