“Real World” Cast Exits; D.C. Exhales

Show scheduled to premiere Dec. 30

WASHINGTON -- Actually, four months went by kind of fast and without much hubbub -- after the initial weeks of sightings and excitement.

"The Real World" Executive Producer Jim Johnston told NBC4 Tuesday that the cast members for the show's D.C. installment have split town -- though maybe not for good -- vacating their Dupont Circle home of the past several weeks Monday.

"I'm here to tell you that the roommates moved out," Johnston said. "They all went back to their hometowns, where hopefully they're recuperating from a great four months in D.C."

So, followers, when you see a film crew going forward, hold your shrieks and gasps. Haters, hold those rocks and bottles.

Despite some anti-"Real World" sentiments, paparazzi-style harassment from bloggers and reports of film crews getting rough, the cast and crew wasn't as annoying as the hype about them coming to town.

"I think they all had great experiences," Johnston said. "I think Washington, D.C., will be in their blood and I do expect several of them to maybe relocate here someday."


Over the course of shooting, we've watched the training yuppies turn into zombies, fall down at Washington Capitals practice, rock out at the Rock and Roll Hotel and possibly spread STDs.

If Johnston is to be believed, they all loved it here.

"The neighborhood was great," Johnston said. "The people in town were great. We had a wonderful time. We love it here. Washington, D.C., is an amazing, livable city, and I think as an outsider you didn't know that. You knew about the monuments, but you didn't know what a great city it was, and we all discovered that."

Catch their discoveries in the New Year. The show is scheduled to premiere Dec. 30.

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